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Aldrich, Stephen - France
Anonby, Joe – Dominican Republic
Baldwin, Doug – Ecuador
Beiler, Omar – CIS
Book of Hope
Brelo, Sam – Middle East/N.Africa
Convoy of Hope - Special projects
Dalbello, Ed – Argentina
DiTrolio, Dave – Paraguay
Ferguson, Ed - Germany, Belgium
Friedman, Jeff - Jacob's Hope
Gauntt, Wilson - Global University 
Hall, John – Nicaragua
Helm, Travis – Gospel For Asia
Higgins, Gary – HCM
Hoggard, Terry – Belgium
Holland, Roger – Bolivia
ICI University
Kovach, Fred, Tech. Support
Lamb, Peggy – S.E. Asia
McGurty, Bob – Eur. Asia
Ocasio, Jaun - Republic of Georgia
One Hope
Paraguay Child Care
Powers, Jimmy - Latin America 
Sorbo, Keith – Indonesia
Stine, Rodney – Philippines
Waldner, Mike – S. Asia
Wallace, Stephen - Argentina
Weaver, Bettina, Myanmar 
Austin Jones  – Alaska
McKim, Greg – Inner City
Rust, Shannon – Headlight in Trucking 
Teen Challenge – Rehrersburg, Pa.

Aged Ministers Assistance
A/G Theological Seminary
Highlands Child Placement
Hillcrest Children’s Home
University of Valley Forge
CBM Ministries – Bible Release
Pregnancy Ministries – Chambg.
Salvation Army – Chambersburg
 **We have some missionaries that cannot
     be mentioned due to security reasons. 
                                          Experiences in the life of a missionary:

Last September, we went to Idaho for security and safety training.   During the night, Mike fell and hit his head and was  almost knocked out.  He developed headaches, memory loss, confusion, his right hand became numb along with other problems.   He could not spell  “I do”, and could not  balance the checkbook.  In the last four mission meetings,  he could hardly speak.  Tillie took him to thehospital.  They did a c-scan and found blood on Mike’s brain called a  hematoma.  They quickly admitted him and did surgery.  They put two ports in Mike’s head to drain the blood.  He was in the hospital for five days before going home.  He gradually got better but still needed prayer for his confusion and memory loss.  By God’s grace, Mike was expected to fully recover.  We had to cancel our mission meeting for December because it is illegal to drive with a head injury.  Praise the Lord!  He is now fine.  


We are currently on furlough and busy visiting churches in the USA.   We “Thank you” so much for your prayers and  financial support.   There is great church growth in India despite all the persecution!  India also has about 33% of all the world's Unreached People Groups, so I also bring a  challenge for you to pray for and help reach the Unreached People Groups.  


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