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Aldrich, Stephen - France
Baldwin, Doug – Ecuador
Beiler, Omar – CIS
Book of Hope
Brelo, Sam – Middle East/N.Africa
Convoy of Hope - Special projects
Dalbello, Ed – Argentina
DiTrolio, Dave – Paraguay
Ferguson, Ed - Germany, Belgium
Gauntt, Wilson - Global University 
Higgins, Gary – HCM
Hoggard, Terry – Belgium
Holland, Roger – Bolivia
ICI University
Kovach, Fred, Tech. Support
Lamb, Peggy – S.E. Asia
McGurty, Bob – Eur. Asia
Ocasio, Jaun - Republic of Georgia
One Hope
Paraguay Child Care
Powers, Jimmy - Latin America 
Sorbo, Keith – Indonesia
Stine, Rodney – Philippines
Waldner, Mike – S. Asia
Wallace, Stephen - Finland
Weaver, Bettina, Myanmar 
Austin Jones  – Alaska
McKim, Greg – Inner City
Rust, Shannon – Headlight in Trucking 
Teen Challenge – Rehrersburg, Pa.

Aged Ministers Assistance
A/G Theological Seminary
Highlands Child Placement
Hillcrest Children’s Home
University of Valley Forge
CBM Ministries – Bible Release
Pregnancy Ministries – Chambg.
Salvation Army – Chambersburg
 **We have some missionaries that cannot
     be mentioned due to security reasons. 
Do you know what it’s like to see the blurred words on a page and not be able to read if you’re a little near- or far-sighted?  You know how it is when you don’t have your glasses on--you can hardly function!  But all you have to do is reach for your glasses that are sitting on your nightstand, and the book you want to read is instantly in focus.
But for Gerel, correcting his vision wasn’t such an easy fix.  Gerel was a middle-aged man in a sensitive northern Asian city who had poor eyesight and needed glasses.  But he didn’t have a job to help him pay for an examination. 
You see, Gerel was also deaf! 
In Gerel’s culture, being born with such a defect left him ostracized to the point that he couldn’t get work.  Not being able to hear and see properly made survival difficult for him.
But because of generous people like you, who sent an optical team to Gerel’s city earlier this year, Gerel was fitted with a pair of eyeglasses by one of our team members.  We even had a volunteer to conduct the whole examination in sign language!
Gerel can now see, which will open doors for job opportunities and enhance his life in so many other ways.   And it only took $9 for our team to take care of him.
Your gift to HCM sent the optical team to the deaf church in that city.  Your gift put glasses on Gerel’s face--bringing sight to his eyes and excitement to his face.  We join with him in saying “Thank you!”
You play a role in each life changed.  Please visit our website for more stories on what God is doing through HCM.

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