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Happy Birthday Jesus!

      This December, let us give a gift to Jesus for His birthday!  Let us purpose in our hearts to give Him everything!  However He wants to use us to reach others for the Kingdom, may we be willing to let His Holy Spirit work in us and through us.  Let us Rejoice in His great love!

         The McClellands have graciously opened their home again for a Christmas celebration on Saturday night, December 20th!   There will be lots of fun, food, games and prizes!!  Hope to see all the young people there!

         The Christmas Program is Sunday, December 2st at 6 pm.  It will be "A Night to Remember".

         Keep in contact with our Upper Room Facebook page for the upcoming schedule of when we will be meeting the rest of the month.

         Join us in the Upper Room on Sunday nights at 6 pm!   Bring a friend!

 Rick & Sheryl Gudgeon

Sharing the Work

Read Exodus 18:1 to 19:25; Matthew 16:21 to 17:13

In some churches, especially the smaller ones, the minister is required to do many things. He’s an administrator, takes care of the bulletins, and may even shovel the snow. All of these activities leave limited time for actually shepherding his flock.

Something similar happened to Moses. He had taken on the responsibility of being a judge for all the Israelites. Jethro, his father-in-law, offered advice.

“Why do you alone sit as judge, while all these people stand around you from morning till evening?” (Exodus 18:14).

Then Jethro taught Moses to delegate and share responsibilities with others. Those men would judge smaller problems, leaving Moses to make decisions for the more serious ones. Delegating would give Moses more time to be God’s representative and teach God’s laws to the people.

The church works more smoothly and gets more done when all members fill their roles.

Challenge for Today: Do something for the pastor of a small congregation.

Quicklook: Exodus: 18:13–23

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