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ANGELS watching over me my Lord.

There are multitudes of angels of all types, and they are all sent forth as ministering spirits on our behalf; Heb. 1:14

-There are Archangels – Jude 9

-There are Seraphims – Isa. 6:2

-There are Cherubs – Gen. 3:24

-From Col. 1:16 there are also: Thrones, Dominions, Powers, and Principalities.

-From Eph. 6:12 there are:  Principalities, Powers, Rulers, and Spirits.

-There are Watchers- Dan. 4:13,17,23  These are sentinels

-There are strange creatures found in Ezek. 1:5-14, and  Rev. 4:6-9.  They were full of eyes front and back, had six wings, four faces, and legs like calves.  Each face was different as in the face of a man, lion, ox, and eagle.

-There are also Guardian Angels – Matt. 18:10.

-1/3rd of the angels were deceived and followed Satan; Rev. 12:4.

-Angels stirred waters for people to get healed; Jn. 5:4

-Angels are powerful.  One  angel killed 185,000 troops in one night;

II Kgs. 19:35

-Angels are intelligent knowing all earthly things; II Sam. 14:20

-Angels ministered to Jesus  after his temptation; Mt. 4:11

-Jesus could have called for 72,000 angels while on the cross; Mt. 26:53

- Many times we entertain angels unaware; Heb. 13:2

- There are three angels mentioned by name in scripture: Lucifer, Michael, and Gabriel

- Many fallen angels are already chained in hell; II Pet. 2:4, Jude 6.

- Lucifer, who became Satan will first go to hell; Isa. 14:15, Rev. 20:1-3, And end up in the lake of fire; Rev. 20:10

And The Angel of the Lord is a special angel in a class of his own.  He is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ. Gen. 18:22; 21:17; 22:11; 31:11; Ex. 3:2; Num. 22:22; Jg. 2:4; 6:12; 13:3; I Kg. 19:7; II Kg. 1:3









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