About Us

We encourage you to visit New Franklin Assembly of God, where you will find a congregation of friendly believers who are working together to share God’s love and help others know the gospel message. We are in our 48th year of serving Jesus.

Pastor William Dick and his wife Joanie have been leading us for the last 17 + years. We have many different ministries in which we serve people of all ages. Please visit our Church Ministries page for more details.

Our Pastor is retiring and we are going through the process of choosing a new pastor.  We will continue services with lay speakers and interim speakers in the meantime.

We have Sunday School Classes for all ages:  From Nursery up to age 2, Beginners, and up (we need more children) and a Teen Class in the Family Activities Center.   Two Adult Classes are held in the Fellowship Hall and in the Sanctuary.

We need more Youth for Sunday Night meetings. Most have graduated, started college or jobs and are now headed for our Young Adult group.

We have a Young Adults Group on Sunday evenings at 6:00 pm as well as a group for children ages 4 through 12 called  the Gospel Trackers.  Both groups worship with us and go to their groups for further ministry and activities.

If you would like to see pictures of our facilities please click here.

 Here is our schedule of services:

Pre-service prayer:  Sun., 5:30pm 

Sunday School:  9:30am

Morning Worship: 10:25am

Sunday evening service: 6:00pm

Wednesday/Elective Classes possible at times & Adult Bible Study:  6:30pm

Wednesday evening Girls Ministries & Royal Rangers groups: 6:30pm