Missions Directory


Aldrich, Stephen – Belgium

BGMC – Boys & Girls Missions Crusade

Baldwin, Doug – Ecuador

Beiler, Omar – CIS Book of Hope

Brelo, Sam – Middle East/N.Africa

Children of Jacob – Jeffrey Friedman

Convoy of Hope – Special projects

Dalbello, Ed – Argentina

DiTrolio, Dave – Paraguay

Ferguson, Ed – Germany, Belgium

Foster, Jerry  – Belgium, Human Sex Trafficking

Higgins, Gary – HCM

Hoggard, Terry – Belgium

Holland, Roger – Hispanic

Holloway, Robert –  Peru

ICI University (International Correspondence Inst.)

Jacob’s Hope

Jewish Ministries

Kovach, Fred – Tech. Support

McGurty, Bob – Eurasia

Ocasio, Juan – Republic of Georgia

One Hope

Paraguay Child Care

Sorbo, Keith – Indonesia

Stine, Rodney – Philippines

Teberian, Shahan  – Eurasia

Wallace, Stephen – Finland

Weaver, Bettina, Myanmar 


Austin Jones  – Alaska

McKim, Greg – Church Developement

Rust, Shannon – Headlight in Trucking 

Teen Challenge – Rehrersburg, Pa.


Aged Ministers Assistance

A/G Theological Seminary

Highlands Child Placement

Hillcrest Children’s Home

Light for the Lost

Speed the Light

University of Valley Forge 


CBM Ministries – Bible Release

Pregnancy Ministries – Chambg.

Salvation Army – Chambersburg

**We have some missionaries that cannot be mentioned due to security reasons.



One is a very small number; unless, of course, it stands before the mighty word “million.” Most of us these days would not bend our knee to pick up one fallen penny, but if it were the 1943 Lincoln penny mistakenly struck in bronze and worth over one million dollars, I feel sure we would fall to the ground and rescue it back into our care.  One suddenly becomes very great.When you see a child sitting in a trash heap in Guatemala, remember–that one child was created by God who values that little soul worth more than silver and gold.  In fact, the Bible says that one soul is worthy of the priceless blood shed by Jesus Christ.One person can easily be overlooked but Jesus said when looking for one lost coin or one lost lamb, “there is rejoicing among the angels of God over one sinner who heart is changed (through repentance)” Luke 15:10 Phillips version. Many ask, “Why a shoebox?”  Try this on for size:  “How beautiful are the feet of him who brings good news, who proclaims peace, who brings glad tidings of good things, who proclaims salvation”  Isaiah 52:7Shoes in a shoebox don’t get very far, so why not step up to the challenge?  Find that shoebox collecting dust way back in the closet, dump the shoes out and fill it up, wrap it up, cover it with prayer and bring it to church!  Your shoebox can travel to places you will probably never go.  It can wind up at the feet of a little child who is looking down, when he or she needs to be looking up.  Send good news- the Gospel of Jesus Christ–to a little one who has never heard HIS name.