Pastor’s Page

A New Start

Acts 9:4     “And he fell to the earth…”

Acts 9:15    “He is a chosen vessel unto me.”

Some times before we have a new start, we must be sat down on our can. Some call it hitting bottom, have an epiphany, or a wake-up call. With Paul,  he thought he was serving God, doing God a big favor, or advancing His Kingdom. When in actuality, he was working against God; he was persecuting him. Then a light turned on, actually a light from heaven.

What Paul did next, now being blind, he began to fast, and to seek God with all his heart, and mind, soul, and strength. He was praying with everything that was within him, and God gave him a vision. It was a  vision of a man coming, laying hands on him, and him receiving his sight.

There was a big change in Paul. He that bound up men, and women, sought now to set them free. Where once those who called on Jesus’ name were arrested, now he sought to set them free. Once he worked against God, but now he is a chosen vessel.

The vision came to pass as Ananias came and laid hands on him, and he received his sight. I suppose this was expected for he had foreseen it. But there were probably some things he didn’t expect. The first one was that Ananias called him brother. The second was that not only did he receive his sight, but he received the Holy Spirit as well.

Paul hadn’t arrived, but this was the start of something new in his life. He arose and was baptized, Acts 9:18.   Immediately he began to preach Christ,  Acts 9:20. He increased in strength, Acts 9:22.   And those he originally sought to slay now helped him, Acts 9:25.

We can all start something new!